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Toxic Vaccines ??

For some time, the issue of mercury in vaccinations has been of major concern. It was brought to the fore by parents of chilren with autism who reported that the disorder appeared after their children received vaccinations containing mercury.

But concerns are not limited to the issue of autism. Many parents are worried about the role that vaccines play in affecting their children’s health. And the analysis of new vaccines indicates that their concerns are justified.

It may have seemed that the issue was settled when pharmaceutical companies removed the mercury from most of their products (although it is still in the flu vaccine). What we are finding out now, however, is the children are receiving high concentrations of aluminum in their shots. This well-documented neurotoxin may be more dangerous than mercury.

Two-month old babies now receive 1,225 mcg of aluminum from their vaccines -- 50 times higher than safety levels! Although the FDA, CDC and World Health Organization are aware of the dangers, they are not taking action.

If you have young children, or you know people who do, you would do well to read a book linked titled Aluminum in Vaccines -- a Neurological Gamble, by Neil Miller, director of the Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute. It documents the hazards associated with aluminum-laden vaccines. For more information, go to

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