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Educational Software--A Neglected Realm of the Digital Age

Some years ago, a colleague--Laura Berlin--and I were attracted by the wealth of educational software programs that were appearing on the scene. To help parents make decisions in this area that was so new and unfamiliar, we wrote (for Microsoft), a book titled Parent's Guide to Educational Software. We were certain that this would be the beginning of burgeoning field.

The years that followed showed us that our vision was definitely not 20-20. Educational software seemed largely to vanish, or at least be buried under an avalanche of Nintendo and related entertainment. However, the field is not quite moribund. If you would like to get an idea of some of what is currently available, it's worthwhile to read an interview with David Dockterman, the VP Tom Snyder Productions. That company, over the years, has steadily produced outstanding programs. You may well find some of their latest programs to be ideal for enhancing your child's learning.

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